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arrow_back This company just found a huge cure and no one knows about it yet!

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Did you ever read an article online, or in a magazine praising some so called guru for making a few hundred grand out of just a few thousand by buying just one stock?

These articles are very common and they always make it seem like the guy (or gal) was an expert at this stuff.

I know for a fact that the only way to win in this is to have information that others don't. It's that simple.

If you know that something is going to happen before everyone else does, then you've got the edge.

Just in May, this company I've been watching was trading at a little over 2 bucks alright?

Within days, it got pummeled to just pennies. Apparently, on the incorrect rumor that their new immune  medicine wasn't working.

Now that the dust has settled, it's clear that the information was completely wrong. It just caused a panic, and herd mentality prevailed.

I have an “in” at the company and I know for a fact that not only does this new ground breaking treatment work, but that it just got approved by the f d a.

While this info isn't public yet, once it does become so, you can expect the share price to go right back up to over two dollars. Quite literally overnight. And I am expecting this announcement to come in the next few days.

The symbol you need to buy the stock is q/s/m/g without the / of course. You just give that to your broker or go to your online account and get at least twenty thousand shares.

If you act quickly and get in right now, maybe you'll be one of those cool winner stories people write about in magazines and articles.

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A pesar de no tener adjunto o enlace, el mensaje parece ser el inicio de una estafa. Entrega información que incita al usuario a preguntar más y cuando responde el correo, el atacante sabe que es una cuenta legítima y que la persona es una potencial víctima.
No responda a este tipo de correo, NUNCA.

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